And Four…

E-Millionaires! Started work on the e-Pimp Project last night. Dunno about it. Is it wasting my time again on a hair-brained scheme when I don’t have much time to spare? I hope not, sometimes I think it could be a go-er, I’ll leave it all to my partner… now if only the programmer would deliver… snnnnnoooooooozzzzzzzzzze…

I just need to find a Brazilian Silhouette 60’s kitsch type bongo jive lp cover graphic, now where did I put that tiki stuff?

Will we ever stop being disappointed? This question haunts me – every commercial transaction, every service we purchase, every incremental step towards being older and wiser disappoints in some small (or quite frequently large) way – must we lower our expectations, read less, expect less, dumb down, in order that the disappointments cease and desist?

What a happy state it must be to be oblivious of consequence and shortcoming.


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