Cold Saturday Blues

Little Princess news 1 : she has the lead for the third year running in school class presentation (This year it’s Elmer the Elephant) – she says a couple of the kids were a bit jealous… heigh ho.

Little Princess news 2 : she got to bring home the class toy, Spike – a tiger, along with his pyjamas, washbag and favourite book. She has to take some photos and write a little about his weekend adventures. Sweeeeeeet.

Saturday in the shop: 9:00am to 5:30pm – sometimes enagaged and busy, sometimes tedious. Today the rush didn’t stop until after lunchtime, by which time the stoopid shop next door had run out of anything but meat-based sandwiches. Pah! and rats. No time for leisure today! Home for “Strictly Come Dancing” with the P and Lovely – P is obsessed with it!.

Phoned father’s woman – she says Ol’ Deafo is “quite ill“. Pip and I propose to visit early tomorrow, but it all hinges on him getting up and getting dressed. Sounds like a downward spiral scenario to me.

It’s turned very cold – is this a cold snap? Who knows?


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