The Dentist and the E-Pimp Project

Dentists first – after dropping Little Princess off at school, I trucked to the Grecian Dentists abode, where I waited for a full half-hour after my appointment time inhaling the smell of rancid water from their drains while a plumber banged and drilled and balanced on a step ladder – they “had a leak”. When I finally got to the dentist, he shot a look at my x-ray and explained that yes indeed there was an anomaly on my jaw, for which he would refer me to a specialist at the hospital who will “probably take a biopsy“. As I sat in the chair, he said “you look worried“. I thanked him nicely as I left, and now have to wait “about 3 months” for an appointment to see the specialist – what kind of specialist will it be? A specialist in jawbone anomalies? Cool.

I drove home and sat staring at the wall for an hour until it was time to go and teach, which was a pleasant diversion for a couple of hours; P (and most of the others for that matter was sweet and well-behaved; it’s nice).

Mum met us at the school gates, and we drove to Sainsbury’s and had coffee then shopped – Mum had a thrilling day by taking an elderly woman suffering a severe asthma attack to the paramedic station in Bognor! Pip and me home…

The Programmer came round to discuss the e-Pimp Project further; it’s all go and he seems positive about it, the Client is away for a week so hopefully we can forge on while he’s away.


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