Financial Meetings, Quotes, School, Ravenous!

Into school this morning, nice teaching with roughly the nice half of the kids.

Home, then the Plasterer came round to give us a quote, which was delivered in the afternoon, now that’s prompt.

After picking P up, shot round to Tashas to bear gifts of the soft-toy variety. She was asleep, in the recovery position, so we dumped the toys on Kevin and high-tailed it home to re-watch “HP and the POA“.

Tonight it was the Trust-Fund Finance Meeting at Mum’s. Oo-er, but actually – oo-er. Not so bad, very interesting administrative tangles but clearer in my mind – hopefully I will return to full-on-sleep-mode now. I enlivened the tedious car drive with a top-volume “Ravenous Soundtrack” by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn, which was just the psycho-cowboy-creepy-aggressive-folkie-lush-detuned-nails on blackboards music I needed. Thus emboldened, I watched “Ravenous” with L on my return from the meeting, and what a remarkable film it is…


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