On Again…

Both Saturday and Sunday were spent with my head stuck inside various computers, rebuilding and getting going again; it works, but now it’s mostly new. Argh! I could have done without that, also a wasted day with grouchiness thrown in. So – what did I lose? Around a month of e-mails – nothing special that I can remember right now, except some correspondence with Mark about re-releasing the last Skinbat CD, but I suppose that’s in hand anyway – sad though, as a lot of the correspondence included mutual memory club(TM) mentions. Also all the probate stuff, but I have paper copies of all that…

Worst loss is a collection of Victorian mourning images, and a few retro-racy cheesy 70’s pinups I had recently downloaded for use in The British Museum website. And I can’t find my Photoshop discs. Drat! Also the Elmer electronic photos. Also the narrations for the Machine Psychedelic stuff… also… also… aaaaargh! I keep remembering more STUFF.

I know what you’re thinking – surely he backs his stuff up? Well, yes, I do. Except … the backup discs don’t seem to work at the moment. I will have to try putting the old drive into another pc and seeing if there’s anything on it at all…


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