School Teaching … and Relax

Back from a teaching morning – all the kids were lovely today (even the herberts). Maybe its because they were all v. excited about it being 1st December and Christmas is almost here. Indignity suffered, however; they all started asking my “real” ie first name – eventually they cottoned on that they could simply ask one of P’s friends, and thus they got the information. I originally suspected P herself of divulging, but when I (jokingly) mentioned it to her in the evening, she was mortified, and said that she never would.
Anyhow, I am now known as “Gary like off of Spongebob ha ha are you a snail then?” which was amusing today, but I fear may pall next week…

I have totally relaxed about the pressures of E-Pimp Project – the client is away for a month, so the programmer and I have a month to get it sorted – so chill dude. That’s my motto.

To K’s later on to give her a birthday gift – one of those chi-chi little book reading lights. She can use it on dark nights when the power cuts on the commuter train!

The new computer is up and running – I’m luxuriating in new graphics capabilities and photoshopping my little heart out.


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