High Frockage and Low Spirits

That doom 3 eh? eh? Lovely says it will make me nuts. Still, it keeps me off the streets.

In other news, Pip is excited ‘cos at risk of life and limb tonight I ascend a rickety ladder to retrieve the remnants of the christmas decorations from the loft. Also in P’s mind at the moment : Ballroom dancing twisted and tweaked to frenzy pitch, an exquisite peak of knicker-wetting excitement engendered by the upcoming semi-final. I was remembering with L the other night when we saw Monochrome Set at the Venue, they opened the gig with a couple of Ballroom Dancers in high-frockage with a glittery hanging-down tinselly backdrop, dancing to the “The Monochrome Set”, very very cool, one of my seminal and often revisited concert-going moments. Pip remained unimpressed when I played her said track, but when I told her it was the gent who does “Mister Mystery’s Mother” she was quite taken with the idea.

Heard yesterday that one of my old students committed suicide after suffering from depression for a long time. Heigh ho.


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