Wrapping, Warming, Lighting

Christmas decorations including groovy psych-lights mounted and operational; P basking in the glow of a satisfactory conclusion to “Come On Dancing” (the Halfpenny victory); everything toasty warm indoors in spite of sub-zero-seeming outdoors. Everything hunky dory in the Cookhouse.

Christmas gift wrapping spree, pre posting and delivering the further reaches – success! Afternoon game of Monopoly – success!
Even the ol’ E-Pimp Project is progressing well, with graphic additions and tidying up all round.
The neighbour was evidently enquiring of an intrepid lovely who went out to wash her car (!?) about my “gibson gold top” which he’s seen a-hangin’ in the study. He he. Evidently he manages(?) a “60’s band” and will get us some complimentary tickets to one of their gigs! One can hardly wait!


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