Two Bad Nights and A Cautionary Tale

No teaching on Wednesday, as the kids were being allowed to concentrate more on Xmas-related foolery than learning anything – so I was surplus to requirements, and had the whole day to myself. I spent it feeling sorry for myself, dozing and reading “Cold Mountain“, which is great.

L went out last night to her “works Xmas shindig“. How glad I am that I don’t have to suffer the indignity of these affairs! Getting drunk seems to be de rigeur, not optional at these things. End result = vomit and degradation rather than fun and games. Now, I’m no stranger to alcohol, but really… Upshot is vomitus maximus in the morning (a waste of the lovely food consumed earlier). P thought it was hilarious. I slept on the wee truckle bed in the study, and so suffered another virtually sleepless night which did not do my flu-recovery a world of good.

Speaking of P. she’s doing her first violining performance to the public this morning, earplugs in everyone, and good luck Pip!


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