Father Better, Cold Better, To the Theatre

Last night to H & S. He looks much better, the tablets are working in getting rid of the fluid, he’s lost so much weight. Although he looks pitifully weak, he does look better. Also, a breakthrough? of sorts – it was the first time I can recall sitting with my father and actually talking, rather than getting irritated to the point of explosion. This is not any great kind of breakthrough, but it was pleasant enough to drive home without my blood pressure through the roof. P&L meanwhile had gone carolling with the neighbours, underneath the streetlight on the green… very Christmassy, P really enjoyed it and has made some new friends.

Our colds have resolved into chesty cough scenarios, and I’ve got a constant low-grade headache.

This afternoon, Mother, Sister and Nephew came over to meet and then go to the Gardner “We Don’t Do Panto” Arts Centre for Mike Carter’s “Pinocchio”. I’m hoping its going to be good – his productions are great, and an annual Brighton institution among folks who go to the Gardner, but last year’s “Robin Hood” was a bit of a disappointment, especially after the incredible “Treasure Island” and “Wizard of Oz” of previous years. Fingers crossed for some proper musical theatre.


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