Pinocchio’s Stage Beauty

Yesterday morning, tidying for sisterly and matriarchal visit, while P and L go to the Duke of York’s Cinema for a birthday bash.

Mike Carter’s “Pinocchio” at the Gardner Centre in the afternoon. Very good, very exciting (though Carter’s songs were a bit lacklustre but well sung). A nice Victorian Gothic stylee to the Circus scenes, with some threatening whip-work by the Fire Eater. The nose-growing and stagecraft were excellent. All in all, a good ‘un.

Evening, saw “Stage Beauty” on TV – I was amazed at how quickly it arrived on TV after theatrical release. Why? When the credits rolled, all was explained – a BBC co-production. This seems odd – if the BBC are going to use our [the British licence-payer’s] money to fund a film, then surely it should be shown on TV straight away, or if the route of theatrical release, then it should go to video/dvd to maximise profit for the BBC (and hence BBC viewer)? I would have purchased the DVD (which is being released according to, but not yet. Now, I won’t purchase it, and the Corporation have lost some money.

Anyhow, the film was excellent, Danes and Everett particularly.


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