2004: Nearly Over

Post-Xmas lovely holiday home, though I had to go into work this morning and check the computers / alarms / answerphones, etc. Great fun, that was.

Yesterday we travelled to Lady B‘s, who is feeling the pinch about Jamie leaving for France – she feels betrayed and abandoned I think. As if to prove the onset of old age, we 3 were just waiting downstairs at the cottage for her to get ready when there was an almighty crash from her bedroom – we raced up to find her sprawled on the floor, with an up-ended television next to her. She’d tripped over the TV cable – she’s really too old and infirm to be doing this sort of acrobatics – she was fine, except a grazed knee, and we managed to tidy up (the TV was fine as well) and went out for our meal. She was shaken and pale – I think this really was a message that she needs to ramp down her activities, BUT this is a reminder that she will no longer have Number One Son just up the road in times of need.

It appears from looking at a map last night that Daniel’s family in Thailand shouldn’t have been affected by the tsunami disaster – they are near Bangkok, which doesn’t appear to be in the firing line, so that’s a relief. I’ve been trying to build up a computer for Pip today, all working except soundcard and network, so nearly there! Lovely joined a gym today… she’s there now, P and I are playing “Beaudelaires“. Tomorrow, we’re going for a little bit of decorating!

Another year on from Dad’s suicide sh*t; I am really putting it all behind me now – no more worrying from me, no sir. Well, about that anyway…


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