Teabreak’s Over…

Meh. Back to work tomorrow (both of us), P is over with mum at Littlehampton for a day’o’fun’n’indulgence tomorrow – I’ve got her on Wednesday for her last day of skule holiday. We’ve all had a great break.

The E-Pimp Project rears its ugly as The Client returns from Brazil with big files full of photos and audition material… one last meeting with all of us and the groundwork should, allegedly, be done…

Finished both “Tommy” and “Cold Mountain” – both supergood, still ploughing the Dickensian furrow of “Bleak House” (getting there: rewarding), and started on “Overtaken” by Alexie Sayle (not sure of it yet It was complete crap). My iPod is around a quarter full – so about a quarter of the way in the ongoing project to put all my CD’s on it…

Saw “Open Water” last night – real gonzo directing, but quite gripping and a terribly sad ending. Documentary on J.M. Barrie last night was done for kids, but was Quite Interesting.


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