ER Techno Pimpin’

Yay for “ER“; it’s back, it’s good, and Carter’s irritating love interest is leaving!

I’m loving my iPod. I’ve got an FM transmitter for the car radio, and it works fantastically… proper music while driving, with a “random” factor – this morning on the way to work I had Syd Barrett, The Monochrome Set, Michael Nyman (twice), The Bonzos and The Pixies – all sounding great. Makes the journey tolerable, not that it’s usually that bad. And when I arrive at work – I can leave it on the desk and tune the radio in! My CD collection at work! If only work was more solvent, and my cough would cure itself, I’d be happy – but things are desperately quiet at the moment, even though I’ve been paid this month.

E-Pimp Project meeting tonight with the Client and the Programmer… hopefully it’s put to bed after this, and then it’s over to me and my little scanner to populate it.


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