My Scanning Weekend About To Be Becoming

Meeting good; so now I scan those Brazilians! Esteve came armed with a good Oh Steve! story about naked compromising photography and a girl from “Happy Snaps” in Brighton; The Prog came with a cost surprise yet to be resolved: but the site will *be able to* launch before end of January by the look of things.

P had a funny interlude last night while Lovely was preparing trout… “yuk! yuk! yuk!” came from the general sink area as heads, guts and tails were removed to the bin. P sidled over to me, with more “yuk! yuk! yuk! that’s disgusting!“. After settling on my lap she looked up at me with a mischevious look and said, quietly: “I touched an eye!”

Tonight to DKIG’s for dinner; see you later!


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