Scanning and Coughing – with Ginger

Cat allergy agogo, galore and aplenty last night at DKIG’s – I had to cut short our (very pleasant) visit due to constricted dry throat and choking. All the way home in the car, too. Anyway, we had a pleasant time. Borrowed “Punishing Kiss” by Ute Lemper from D, which is very nice indeed.

Today I have mostly been scanning, for the EPP. So far so boring. In the afternoon our neighbour came round to discuss a site for his Ginger Wine thing, which seems to be taking off. “How much?” he said. “You can pay me in Ginger Wine”, I replied waggishly. As no further mention was made of cost, perhaps I really will be…

Pip had a nice time today as her friend dropped round out of the blue.


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