Fearing the Future … and Dong

Doctor: “I’ll give you a prescription for some cream. I don’t know if it will work or not. Let me know if it doesn’t”. Hmmm. Work is in a bad way, there is no money in the pot. I am starting to lose sleep, as this time it’s serious.

At home, P is having a lovely time with fairy letters as well as letters from Dong, her elf. She corresponds with these fellows by writing little letters and then leaving them by her bed – magically, they are gone in the morning, and then get answered later. Hot topic at the moment = P’s birthday party. With potential money worries looming, is a hundred pounds here or there any problem? Then again we have already pre-paid/pre-booked for Disneyland and Mary Poppins and Center Parcs… oh my aching head!

The E-Pimp is pumped up and running, Esteve has to advertise, I have to search-engine optimise, but maybe that will generate some income…


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