Doom and Gloom

Terrifically quiet at work – bad weather, bad time of year ? Whatever, it’s not looking or feeling good…

Lovely day yesterday (although I was busy populating the E-P.P. still; almost finished batch one I think). I also “search-engine friendlied” it.

Lots of fun with Pip, drawing on the computers (she is awfully good) – an extended Sound of Music session in the afternoon, and the heart-meltingly sweetest thing. She asked me to re-run “Eidelweiss“, and cradle her while singing along. She gazed up at me lovingly and said “this is our special song Dad“. I cried.

Later on, a serious discussion with Lovely about what to do if my work goes the way it’s looking – optimistic was what we agreed we would have to be. There’s no point in worrying about it now – easier said than done, I thought as I woke up at 4am, staring wildly around the room. Ha ha.


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