Sunday, Bl**dy Sunday

Nice little Sunday: No work, so a lay-in, skilfully engineered by L and P (later, L gets an hour from us in return). Seemingly no action on the EPP; this is the first day of lowbrow advertising. Hmm. Maybe that was a complete waste of time. Cue chorus of “told you so” and muffled giggling.

In spite of that, we’re keeping warm in the sub-zero seeming temperatures. Lots of homework and computing from Pip today, she loves The Beaudelaires game. Fun with Playmobil, also. I’m getting along well with “The Lady and the Unicorn“, but it doesn’t seem to me as nicely written as Chevalier’s others.

I had to reprimand my wife for her foul f**king language this morning. Decorum, please!


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