Excitement A-Go-Go

Lovely teaching morning at skule – all kids well-behaved and enjoyed my input, I think. Smashing!

After skule – to the gym (!) yes, I’ve re-joined on the back of Lovely’s membership, which is quite cheap. So, had a good “personal training” session with a very able young lad (who sadly suffered from terminal halitosis). However, he has given me a regime which takes into account the old dicky back, gosh I was tired afterward!

So, to home and then collected Pip and straight to Uckfield to visit the Ailing Parent : he looks a little better, but still can’t take arthritis drugs and hence is fairly immobile. P enjoyed the dog… then home for a nice warm evening. The main event of which was the start of the dramatisation of Jonathan Coe’s “The Rotter’s Club“. Very very good it was, too. Viewers unaware of the book would have been sideswiped by the bombing (as I guess readers are first time). The only issue I had was Ben’s guitar – surely not a Les Paul? I may be wrong. The school was my school, (albeit with vaguely Brummy accents) right down to the wood panelling and the eccentric teachers throwing chalk and exercise books. They caught the lusting after the girls from the girl’s grammar perfectly – those uniforms take me back. I’m desperately holding off reading “The Closed Circle” until this dramatization finishes.

Thursday Morning: Panic strikes as L realises she left her purse on the bus yesterday. No sign, so credit cards and Maestro cards cancelled, frantic phone calls everywhere (and this just as we’re getting ready to go to Paris) … later, L goes down to the bus depot, and it’s been handed in – all intact, even the cash… panic over, but all the cards cancelled…


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