Help! and Dreams

Blood test: The nurse (who was not Abby Lockhart-like in any way) bodged her first attempt in my left arm – the needle fell out. “That’s a pity, it was in so well“. I told her through gritted teeth I was not good at this. After she looked at my right arm and telling me that the veins were “not very good” she toddled off to get a more senior nurse who presumably could take a blood sample. After digging around a bit in my flesh, she chimed up with “you’re a bit tense”. I nodded and avoided fainting, only to hear “it’s not flowing very well, that’s odd“. More digging around (when I later took off the dressing, there were three puncture holes in my arm). I was told that my blood was “just a trickle”, and that they “hope there was enough to do the tests“. Me too! They then advised me not to go to the gym (as I had planned to do). After narrowly avoiding fainting, I stumbled to Sainsbury’s to shop for food – after all, it’s the last I might be able to afford… And while I was walking round Sainsbury’s my iPod stopped working. I mean just stopped working, I didn’t drop it or anything (and never have). I went later to PC Turd, though it is under warranty to get a new one (good news), they hadn’t got any in stock la la la 7-10 days la la la, which will probably mean I don’t have it for Paris (bad news).

Yes, the Systems thing: I got a cheque which “should clear” for part of my wages – but just part. God knows what happens now – and I’m off to France in a week’s time. ‘Elp!

To school in the afternoon this week: It was probably my mood, but some of the kids were right little b*ggers today. Home, where Mumsie was awaiting us – her house sale/purchase is proceeding, but slowly. She’s fine, and left some bits for Pip’s birthday.

Also at work, I had only one instructor for Sunday, who has now announced (knowing full well that it was Pip’s birthday and party) that he’s off on Sunday. It may just be my doom and gloom mood, but thanks a 8**8ing bunch you 8**t. So, I may have to miss that.

Later, my back started hurting (still is right now). This is stress-related. This also may be stress-related:
I was at a house party (!) hosted by the landlord of where Systems used to be situated. The Systems building was next door, as it used to be, except this was all happening in France somewhere and the roof of Systems was composed of an intricate and aged system of glass domes, many of which were leaking water down the walls and onto paperwork, computers, etc.
One of the guests at the house party was Vivienne Westwood (!) – my plan was to give the old gal a piece of my mind about fashion and celebrity and really make her smell the glove – however, I came to be introduced to her and turned into a fawning toady “ooh it’s a pleasure to meet you” – I was not tonguetied, but my brain only let me be nice to her.
Then I woke up.


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