Pond’ring Aloud

Some sukka has subscribed to the E-Pimp Project. There’s one born every minute – that’s 3 English pounds and a little bit in the bank for me! Cash Crop!

More finds funds were released from Systems which are payable-innable on Monday, so I have like 2/3rds of my wages… things are still painfully quiet and of course every day makes things worse. As I am off to Paris next week, I will have to defer real worry until I’m back.

In other news: P’s party preparations are proceeding apace – seven girls will be making little pots and cups at the Painting Pottery Cafe, with appropriate cake-age etc. Parents should be able to repair to nearby pub if required; my “work” problem has been averted by weather, ie. I don’t think it will be on tomorrow. We have arranged for one of P’s little friends to accompany us to London’s famous theatreland to see “Mary Poppins” in 3 weeks time.

Life goes on… I just bumped into Mrs. P (Little P’s form teacher from last year, for whom I worked as a parent helper) – she was very encouraging to me in the “becoming a teacher if Systems goes all wrong” project – very encouraging. Which was nice.


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