Happy Birthday Pip!

Saturday, a dread plod through another quiet day at work, then home to a lovely time. Pip very excited about her birthday, but not hyper – very nice.

Sunday morning, to the gym, bit of tidying then to PC Turd – no sign of a replacement iPod. Grrrr.

One of P’s friends round after lunch, and we all piled in the Hoagy-Wagon to town. Parked quick and into the Painting Pottery Cafe. The goozers arrived in clumps and a great time was had by all – the kids all got to paint a plate or a cup (mostly plates) and then after a snacky time, they painted a soap-dish-in-the-shape-of-a-fish or starfish (starfishes won). The kids all desorated decorated and signed a piggy bank for P. All the stuff gets fired over the next few days and then Lovely can collect them. Smashing! There were no hitches… then WE WENT SHOPPING! This is unheard of as an all-together activity but we had some Xmas vouchers to dispose of… P visited Hennes (groovy groovy clothes), P and me to Game (Sim City, Robin Hood, Black and White, Aladdin), then all of us to Borders (Bibliographical Tumescence). Out of there and home before the rush for P to rip open her presents.

She was exhausted, so were poor old Mum and Dad.

Have just heard (Monday am) from Lovely, who has visited the hospital for a health-check and been given the all-clear, so it’s me to the hozzer on Wednesday morning now re. the jaw thing.


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