This Mortal iPod Shortage

From Nicholas Nickleby, beautifully put – this applies to serious accidents as well as death. Nothing withers friendship on the vine so well as a taste of mortality

  • “Kate might have said, that mourning is sometimes the coldest wear which mortals can assume; that it not only chills the breasts of those it clothes, but extending its influence to summer friends, freezes up their sources of good-will and kindness, and withering all the buds of promise they once so liberally put forth, leaves nothing but bared and rotten hearts exposed. There are few who have lost a friend or relative constituting in life their sole dependence, who have not keenly felt this chilling influence of their sable garb. She had felt it acutely, and feeling it at the moment, could not quite restrain her tears.”

Spoke to PC Turd helpline this morning – they have no idea when more iPods will arrive. I pointed out that the (quite expensive) same-day-replacement cover doesn’t work if they don’t have stock. The lady was very sympathetic, as she muttered about small print. However, it looks like I am to be left iPodless for my holiday. Demmit!


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