Hospital: Hideous. Before I got in the hozzer car park was full – I had to put L’s car in a residents only space, so spent my entire hozzer visit hyperventilating about tickets/clamping/towing. The Outpatient’s/ triage was a vision of hell. Lots of vaguely muttering looners wandering, lots of very smelly people, (obviously) lots of sick people. One hour after my appointment time, I was called, along with a small group of others, and led to – another waiting room. We sat, we waited. The waiting room was postered and stickered everywhere with CANCER information. Eventually I was called, and the gentleman was very nice. After examining the X-rays he said – “nothing to worry about“. I have got to go back to have a precautionary biopsy taken “for the records“, but pretty much he has signed me off. Worries drain away, I leave to find the car is fine, the sun comes out, I drive to skule, the kids are almost all great… Blood test results next.

I made the mistake of promising Pip a Tamagotchi thing when she lost a tooth – sure enough a front one flopped out the day before yest. I didn’t realise that these little suckers (Tamagotchi, not teeth) are hyper-hot property at the moment. Toys-R-Us had sold out of a delivery of 300, apparently. P was a little upset, but appreciative that I tried. Still no iPod news.

I love the idea of a midnight Riot at Ikea… (but obviously not the stabbing and crushing bits…)


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