Fortnight’s Grace

A cheque forthcoming enough today to buy me another fortnight at the coalface. Good news?

Lovely went to the new Brighton library building today, and reports it as spectacular – I’m planning to check it out after my biopsy/operation in a couple of weeks (Lovely has just evidently withdrawn a “massive” book on volcanoes – not sure what’s going on there).

Teaching yesterday – very good, and it inched me closer to teaching proper – I had a good chat with P’s teacher about it. I need to sort out O.U. asap.

The iPod saga is partially remedied – I got a refund from PC Turd. It appears that the reason there are no iPod 40gb available is that they have been discontinued – to be replaced by the 60gb photo version for only a tenner more. So, I got a refund for the 40gb and went to get a 60gb. Guess what? You can’t get one! Both PC Turd and the Apple Centre “don’t know” when they will get any. Ridiculous! Anyway, I’ll get one soon when I can.


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