Life of Leisure

Here I sit, unemployed. I visited the wonderful job centre this morning to register my redundant status, was sent home – “you have to ring in“. Well, that would have saved me the journey. I now have to wait in tomorrow afternoon for them to call me to do a “phone interview”. Anyway.

Plans afoot : Web design (predictably) : Meeting with the Head at WHI tomorrow (less predictably) : Starting my own wee outfit via the BHPA (unpredictably). Feedback from friends and contacts so far has been very positive to the latter, so I’m getting my head round that. Encouragingly, I was more or less offered a job on Saturday (the day after redundancy!), but it is soooo far to travel. It’s nice to be wanted though. Lovely and Pipsqueak very very supportive, but redundancy = emasculation really. At this junction I can’t be too proud.

The gym is a godsend, it breaks the day and allows me to get rid of my frustration and then relax in the sauna. Once I cut down food consumption to NoName Beans and Toast, I’ll be as fit as a fiddle. Working hard on designing a website for web design and also one for training, also a handout/flier for each thing. Too much going on. Also the redundancy money claim, and many other things – if the teaching route is on, lots of study and training. My mind is mud at the moment.


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