Blinking Redundant House Husband News part 4

Happier today – I’ve made contact with the BHPA and they are encouraging as regards setting up on my own. Today is a “Day Off” from my travails, as I have a weekend with Pipsqueak and Lovely.
Saw “Five Children and It” last night. Super! Eddie Izzard‘s voicing for the sand-fairy was super. Zoe Wanamaker was, as usual, class. The film could have been longer. As the whole deal was First World War set, I wonder if the “Sand Fairy” has the same root as the “San Fairy Ann” WWI jargon as referenced in the beautiful “Photographing Fairies” and much WWI literature? I guess so.
Also from George Formby’s “Hindoo Man“:

He’s got one wife who wears a veil, it covers half her face,
From her nose right to her toes you’ll see nothing else but space.
She’ll dance and waggle her “San Fairy Ann”
For the Hindoo, Howdoo, Hoodoo, Yoodoo man.

Ça Ne Fait Rien!

We’re off to see Mumsie’s new gaff now, toodle pip!


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