Flaming Redundant House Husband News part 5

There are signs that the redundancy may not be straightforward, with M—– not declaring insolvency, which leaves me (potentially at least) unable to claim redundancy money. ‘Elp. What a curious time for me. Meeting yesterday re. instructing, some vaguely positive moves there, dealerships for me, encouragement (or were they taking the p***?) from many present. I might have to go to Systems today and try to probe more, if I go to Center Parcs like this it could damage my already eggshell-thin mood of optimism, and increase the potential absinthe consumption factor. By lots.

No calls for Apex so far. Or id.

Little P stayed at Mumsie’s new flat yesterday, which was a success. Today she’s spending the day at her friend’s house, we return the favour next week.


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