School excellent this morning, programming a little robot thing to go up and down the hall and through bean-bag obstacles. Very cool.

Home to the continuing distress (after yesterday’s optimistic outburst). Problems, it would seem, loom with my redundancy money. M—– is adamant that the receivers have been called in, but says that they havn’t arrived yet and so he can’t give me their name (?) – the official receivers have no record of him or the company – without this I cannot send my form in to the DTI (I think I have this right) and so I cannot claim any money. Where’s the rope?

And this afternoon I have a meeting with a fellow who is going to patronise me to death over self-employment. Mumsie is looking after Pipaluk as Lovely is heading out on the razzle with work. Good luck to her, for some life goes on as normal…


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