Scarlet’s Well again, and developments for Apex

Thursday into Brighton, with L driving, thus enabling me to go to a pub like a grown up, which I did, before shambling to the Sussex Arts Club for Scarlet’s Well. A bit of an endurance course with the support band, but it was worth it to bag a table near the stage. The support nonetheless had a great rhythm section and one really good song (which they wisely saved for the end of their set). If the singer toned down the Ian Curtis antics they could be quite good. Their volume was a little loud also; their name escapes me.

Scarlet’s Well – super. A revised set with a new bassist – they are a class act. They present themselves with such goodwill and generosity; such great songs and some stunning musicianship hidden behind the slightly ramshackle first impression – what a great band.

L managed to speak to Alice (the lovely singer) before the show, and after-show Liz quickly congratulated Jen (the drummer and part-time clarinet operative). I semi-drunkenly foisted myself on Martin (whose excellent solo accordion album I have just purchased). This was unlike me, I am always very chary of intruding on an artist’s precious time and space, especially after they have just entertained me so well. However, I’m glad I did briefly say hello, even though my semi-drunken state led me to ramble on about how nice the urinals in the Sussex Arts Club were. I had just been discussing them with another SWell fan who we met in the audience, recognising him from a previous gig. Martin was gracious in the face of this odd conversational gambit, even when Mrs. F marched into the gents to investigate the 1930’s marble edifices in question. What a nice chap. I managed to blurt congratulations in the direction of Alice, and then – swoooon – shake Bid’s hand and rather inanely tell him he was great, or words to that effect. After so many years of hero-worship, this was about all I could manage. I spent the journey home and much of the next day smiling like a loon. Actually, I’m smiling now. Took some pictures at the gig (see them here) which I emailed around – Bid’s going to use some on the SWell website, and   on hers. Which will be nice.

In other news:
The fliers for Apex are back from the printers – I started a minor “distribution campaign” this morning, and also had my first proper e-mail enquiry. I worked on Friday at GD‘s, and have agreed to give them a schedule of days I will be available on – they really want me to work there, which is flattering, but it’s such a hassle commute – still, I’ll take what I can get at the moment.


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