Do It Yourself

It’s galling to be doing home stuff when it’s actually workable outside and I’ve got no work – however – a productive Sunday re-plastering the TV den and then wallpapering the wall. It looks lovely! Kind of like a 1930’s bordello cum boudoir effect. I finally managed to put up the genuine 1950’s(?) bakelite light switch which I got on a whim some years ago. It works fabulously darling. Very happy with (and in) the house at the moment, though all day was spent on the project one way or another. Pip was very patient.

Funny that I’ve been effectively “out of work” for a month now, barring little sniffs – we’ve never been happier, though this is finite of course, depending on money.

Today, taking Mumsie to the endurance test of Ikea. She’s never been before, so gawd knows how this will go… however I need a couple of lights and a few minor bits, Mungo has given Mumsie a list of things to get and Mumsie needs a new coffee table for her new abode. Sounds simple?


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