Buzz, Ikea, Skule

Trying to be a busy little bee, out distributing fliers with some abandon. No reply now from the ex-Systems or M—– telephones, so I am somewhat in despair at the money. Actually he’s just ‘phoned back, so that’s better.

On the plus, the Ikea trip was fine, Mumsie was quite impressed and no hysterics at all. Things at home are – well – happy. This is becoming more surreal with every non-working day. I feel good (more time for the gym, not eating at desk so much, L and P and me being “extra-nice” to each other.

Skule yesterday, did a robot session programming in the hall with another class (not P’s), they have the most delightful teacher, the kids were nice – but a wierd one, as I left and signed out, P’s teacher was in the office in floods of tears – I couldn’t help overhearing “but I don’t want to leave”. I obviously don’t know the story butomigod, she’s such a lovely teach, and just pre-SATS too).

OK – out to push some fliers through doors now. In a wealthy area.


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