Flier, Flier, Pants On Fire

Yesterday was a day of trampin’ round Brighton: quite enjoyable in the sunny sunny spring. Bussed in and went to visit the beautiful new library – what a superb piece of architecture, though it does tend to crowd against the old Prince Regent pool – in its day that was a lovely innovative building, but now looks like a tired urchin huddled against the skirts of the new glass-walled beauty. Inside, an elegant breathtaking white space, all gantries and mezzanine. An air of studiousness and efficient display – excellent IT provision, a stunning kids section – lovely. After this, I walked Brighton north laines distributing Apex fliers to many shops – and got some good reactions from many recipients. They were taken by a melange of the following: sports / skate / kite / zany clothes / posh hairdressers / designer pubs / taxi / fetish(!) shops / hotels. You never know – as ever, I’m waiting for the ‘phone to ring.

Met Nic and Tearass as I emerged from one of the leaflet drops – had a long pleasant chat – they were very supportive and came up with some good ideas. T says that he often has “small” web design jobs that they don’t want to take on, he may send them my way.

Trudged back to Hove dropping leaflets into shops as I went – when I ran out of this batch, I hopped on a 5 and iPodded home. Message from Dave who was at a loose and came round for afternoon coffee. A nice long chat about redundancy affairs

A nice evening with L and P. Oh! Oh! Oh! Last night saw I [heart] Huckabees – excellent film.


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