Skule | Depressed | Listless

By crikey Nick Cave’s “Murder Ballads” is a cracking record.

Sunday we had a lovely morning (P and me cycling, badminton, coffee and smoothies at the park while L gymmed). Further to the out-of-the-blue ‘phone call, our blast from the past turned up in the early evening, brandishing a home-made drum for P. Very curious, she’s still dragging two lifetimes baggage and marital trauma around with her brood of kids. Angst in her pants. It was a pleasant enough visit, but put my groove out and rather spoiled our planned evenings viewing of “House of Flying Daggers“, which was pretty, but…

So, to things redundant. I am no longer – I have had some successes, but I need to keep plugging – leaflet distributing, webbing, appearing on a hill near you, etc. Two students started with me on Monday (bank hol), which kept me busy – and they paid. Also a couple of tandem vouchers have gone out. Whoo-hoo. This leads me to optimism. In an optimistic state of mind, I went to see M—– yesterday – he’s in a state, expecting the liquidators mid-month (which should allow me to make a claim).

Skule todday – my tenure was cut short as the dreaded SATS have started. P was among the group being carted off for the “gifted and talented” group, poor little thing – they were all smiling though. On a lighter note, she has become enamoured of the Charleston (the dance) after last weekend’s “Strictly Dance Fever” (yes, I’m afraid we’re back on TV dancing contests). I dug out The Bonzo’s “Hello Mabel” and we practiced a little comedy routine last evening, and performed it for Lovely this morning after breakfast.
It is, as ever, a nut’s life.


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