Things Going Well, Crikey!

Things are going well (!) – so far, in this third month of my status as an out-of worker, I have earned (via Apex and in a much smaller way ID-Brighton) almost the same as my previous take-‘ome wage. This, of course is not factoring in tax, but this will have to be caught up with later (leastways, it will catch up with me). We are happy – so happy in fact that Lovely came home yesterday with tickets for Patti Smith (at The Dome, much later, in August) woohoo.

Reading: Jonathan Franzen’s “How To Be Alone“. Appropriate! Heart-breaking, beautiful essays about ooh lots of stuff. He’s a superb writer. I’m progressing well with “Nicholas Nickleby” also, ploughing a little through Kate’s bits.

Tomorrow Pip is dancing in the Brighton Festival Children’s Parade, dressed up as a cute mouse rat! She’s very excited about this – it’s all happening for her at the moment, she’s just been allocated her part in the Drama Group summer production, to be at the Sallis Benney Theatre again – she’s playing a sort of a handmaiden type deal in “The Snake Charmer”. Also, she’s actually started the Dreaded SATS at school – so far so good, she’s very happy about them, having done the numeracy (maths to you and I) and reading comprehension modules so far.

I’ve made some signs sort of window-blanking panels for the car and will get them signwritten soon – I’m off out soon for some more flier distribution, but I will take the iPod and book as it’s quite sunny out.


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