Everyone Loves a Parade

A most satisfactory weekend, with only one glitch.

Saturday: P, L and I packed up our troubles along with a rat outfit for P, hopped on a bus into town to join the West Hove Infant contingent of the Brighton Festival Children’s Parade. Lots of excited faces – something like 60 schools taking part, each with a unique costume/music/float idea. WHI was “Dick Whittington“, with the Head dressed as a tall scarecrow cat (!) – other teaches being lovely, too. P was a dancing rat, others were a kind of samba  band (there were lots of samba bands) – noisy! We rushed off to Pavilion Gardens for a grandstand view and watched as they came through – then leapfrogged quickly to the seafront to see them come past again. After they formed up on the beach, we went up onto the prom to watch most of the remainder come in – some very good teams, including a great “Nightmare Before Christmas“.

Afterwards, to shopping, then a meal at a nice Italian restaurant in ‘Ove… bussed back, all tired and happy – to find out that the first Apex cheque had been returned unpaid! Frantic ‘phone calls, high BP, ranting (and raving) – the customer is insistant that it’s an oversight and tells me that he has transferred bank-to-bank via the interweb – this remains to be seen tomorrow, but I can’t see the point of him lying; still a major bummer; we overcame through the application of wine, Come On Dancing, L to the gym while P and I Doctor Who, Kylie in Concert and an hilarious drunken conversation about which of the mums/dads/staff we would “do” given the chance.

Sunday I plastered another wall and unblocked some big-time blocked drains. L and P went to see a Fringe Festival event in which a friend is exhibiting – the theme of the show is clothes to be buried in – memento mori, all a bit morbid.

Lovely afternoon though, sunny too.


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