The Boiler Now

Our Boiler has broken, leaving us with intermittent / no hot water. Plumber coming tomorrow : adventures with tradesmen.

Lovely skule today, doing graphing with a nice group – SATS are in full swing, so part of the class is always out (in threes and fours) – this changes the dynamic of the class radically; the absence of even a couple of the more lively pupils has a calming influence on the rest (obvious really, but the difference between 25 kids and 23 kids seems slender. Anyway, it was fun and rewarding – I found a neat way of using a silly (memorable) example to show the nibboes the importance of correct labelling.

Lovely went for pre-oppo assessment yesterday, and got a clean bill and go-ahead, so it’s worries ahead now. On the plus side, the money came through to the bank account for the “non-paying” customer, so he wasn’t lying after all … ? Sister’s house appears to be infested by mice and – yuk – slugs. One of the slugs apparently crawled into an electric box and fused out her electrical system at the weekend. The mice are probably investigating “Elvis” the hamster.


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