Weekend Report and the Oppo Fallout : Music Resurges!

Well, Friday Lovely went in for the oppo, amid falling waves of despair and worry. At the hospital for 07:30, she didn’t get a bed till midday – then was operated on at 1pm – back to the ward by 3. Meanwhile, I chewed my nails to the quick and walked up and down a lot. Finally got a call in time for Pip-collection and drive straight to the hospital; after a lengthy (but pleasantly chatty) wait, L was released to home. She was tired, bruised and fragile, but fine.
Saturday P and I headed off for Music Workshop, which was rudely interrupted by a fire drill (!) – it did afford me the chance to have a word with Miss W., P’s violin teacher, who I had not met before (P pointed her out). She was very nice, and encouraging about P joining the violin group in September, she has put her on the list of candidates. She looks very much like Aimee Mann.
After Workshop, we bundled in the car and hacked off to The Old Market for a Brighton Festival Event; Helen Cooper the Prizewinning illustrator and children’s author (“Pumpkin Soup”, “Tatty Ratty”, “A Pipkin of Pepper”, etc) was giving a talk/presentation/reading, with slides, which was very interesting. What a nice woman, and superb illustrations. It was useful for P to see the creative process … she was great at giving examples of inspiration > product, and great on inspiring the kids – “if you’re not very good at something, keep doing it and you will be good” sorta thing. After the talk we got our old copy of Pumpkin Soup signed with a nice dedication for Pip and she dashed off a quick drawing of “cat” from the book. Lovely! Later Crapper and K came round with flowers and good wishes for the tired L. Early-ish night for all.

Sunday : Lazy day, with P going to visit her little friend. Recoveries, gentling, the small pleasure of cuddling my wife.

Eagu e-mailed, and volume 5 of the Skinbat Scramble re-issues is ready, mastered and waiting to ship as soon as the covers/booklets are printed. There’s the rub, we’ve got to finance the thing. Also the news that Blockhead/Big Joe Louis had screwed up the MCPS entries for performing rights, assigning them willy-nilly to various past members. Eagu has now corrected these, and my contributions are correctly logged on-line. So, by Christmas, the full story of the Scramble will be told at last, and we (I) can cut adrift from the past. Some of that music has immense value, we were unlucky in some ways; in others we were naive (young), bullish, foolish and wasteful. But it is valid, especially with the lavish packaging we envisage (my 8-page booklet of words and graphics, and Eagu’s 8-page booklet of photos). News here as it comes… click on the Skinbat Scramble link (and a first glimpse of the front cover).

Monday – I’ve got no work, and L is off for a further recuperation day, so a lovely quiet day in store, with “The Motorcycle Diaries” hired from the DVD store…


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