Backache | Work | Theatre

Doe. My back is in a state of spasm. You may laugh – but I can hardly stand, I’m just going for a hot bath to try and relax it. Not sure quite how it happened, but it huuuuuuurts.

Ray. Last night (me in some discomfort from the above) we paid a surpreeze visit to the theatre – one of L’s work colleagues had 3 unwanted tickets for “Aurelia’s Oratorio” performed by the delightful Aurelia Thierree (and others) at the Gardner and gave ’em to us. It was great – a sort of mime/clowning/dance dreamscape performance thing with mostly excellent music, some lovely accordion and Steve Reichian (might have been?) strings – even a bit of Tiger Lillies. The stagecraft/lighting was super. Big echoes of Laurie Anderson’s United States I-IV, also “The Power of Theatrical Madness”. Pip was enthralled – I think it was her first brush with full-on “wilful” “surrealism”. A lovely surpreeze evening! Tonight, L is off with her friends to the theatre again. Well, it is the Brighton Festival.

Me. Apex is busy enough – things are ticking over. I can’t help having sleepless nights though, the feedback of which brings us back to Doe.


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