Half-term report

The back is better, incrementally – mostly thanks to gentling for the past few… and now, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” has arrived on DVD; our next few evenings viewing is happily mapped out! Woohoo!

This has been half-term week, P and I had a great jolly time on Monday and Tuesday, bussing it into town and meeting Lovely for lunch. Tuesday was very sunny – we basked (with L and ice-creams) in the Pavilion Gardens, then jaunted into the Museum for fun and costume collection fun.

Guitar practice = not really happening, I’ve got the sausage fingers. Slight business for work, but the weather still conspiring against.

Just finished a fascinating book about Hablot Browne (Phiz) – “Phiz: The Man Who Drew Dickens” – fantastically, in spite of taking the guided, I had no idea he was buried in Brighton extra-mural cemetary. Either they omitted it from the tour, or somehow I missed it. Fascinatingly, the great sculptor and typographer Eric Gill attended the liberal Hove kindergarten set up by Phiz’s daughters… Nickleby is drawing to a conclusion, I’m embarking on “I Capture The Castle” (Dodie Smith) – adolescent 1940’s Chick-Lit anyone? How macho of me! I read a copy of FHM that someone had left on the bus yesterday, so in the big scheme of things, I’m balanced.

Sauna at the gym this morning, sorted my back out even more.


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