Ten Pound Tent

Most satisfactory weekend, in spite of very. Hot. Weather. Bit of a guilt trip going on that our little life should be so excellent at the moment, in spite of recent setbacks – everyone I know, even slightly or by repute, is squirming under either bad news or the burden of bad news. But we’re not. For once.

Taught on Saturday, took an order for kit (another duck broken). The DTI’s cheque for partial redundancy money arrived, yipee. As I was winding up the day, P and L came over and we enjoyed a sweltering-hot outdoor frolicking picnic, with Lovely taking up the reins of canopy handling once more. Omigod. A hot evening and night followed.

Sunday a lovely “Father’s Day” awakening (toast coffee card) after a lay-in; followed by gentling and reading. Later, our plans to buy a paddling pool (anything to cool off) were foiled by the fact that everywhere had sold out. So, for £9.98, we purchased a 2-man tent, and set it up in the garden for shade. It was huge fun. How can they make a moderate-quality tent for that cost? Slave labour fears (it’s made in Bangla Desh) drifted through my snoozing head, and I dozed for an hour or so.

The evening was also too hot, and we sat outside watching a perfect plough and a lovely almost-full moon being Bunuel-ed by sharp fast clouds. With beer. Beautiful.

I read today that the underrated and most excellent Tanita Tikaram has made a new album. While she doesn’t appear to be the most thrilling of artists (I mean that most respectfully, and in terms of profile, not musical quality) – I find myself knicker-wettingly excited at the prospect – I’ve loved most of her work. So it’s the record shops for me!


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