Decorating is Sh*t

Another highly satisfactory week (my postings are sporadic lately). Reasonably busy with work. We’re all on an even keel (chemical balance OK).

We are in the throes of booking a holiday to New York (wow). This has come as a shock even to us – probably off later today to book flights. Crikey.

Decorating yesterday – bl**dy nightmare job wallpapering around the corners of our wonky manse, no wall surface regular; no corner vertical; so hot that paste is drying out. Laurel and Hardy could have done it better, but anyhoo the difficult part is now done – but I feel guilty playing the “grumpy dad” swearing and sweating my way through the tedium of DIY and ignoring Pip – I’d rather be playing a twit game with her or going out somewhere than that! I hope she doesn’t remember those kind of days at the expense of all the lovely days we have…

L and I realised last night that we are barely watching any TV at the moment (Wimbledon excepted)… there is simply nothing on to tempt us. This, of course, is a function of Summer scheduling and Summer diversions, but I mean there’s really nothing on to tempt us. Also I haven’t seen a decent film for ages – L went to check out “Sin City” and enjoyed, but I couldn’t get the enthusiasm up. “The Aviator” was probably the last movie I enjoyed.

Bookwise: “Nicholas Nickleby” finished and lovely – Dickens-wise I am now trying “Sketches By Boz“, I’ve never read this before and am enjoying it immensely so far.
The Burn Journals” by Brent Runyon in an uncorrected book proof – it reminds me of Bret Easton Ellis. Sdoopid kid sets himself on fire, then repents in the hozzer.
Still chipping away at Dodie, with the enchanting “I Capture The Castle“.


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