Skule | Going Up | Noo Yawk

Hmm trouble with the projected NY trip – seems that all/most of the flights are booked for the period we’re interested in, to the extent that the remaining seats are either business class or available only at inflated prices (we’ve left it too late). So much for spur-of-the-moment big gesture holidays. We have one hope left in our lovely friend M who works for Virgin Atlantic being able to get us tickets at a cheap (ie. normal) price. Should find out today, though we’re not holding our breath. If it doesn’t happen, it will leave us with a week holiday to fill, so we’re not at all sure where we’ll be off to…

Had Mumsie in a trauma the other day, all in a cornichon pickle with mo’ paperwork from Dad’s “death”. She seems mostluy over things now, but sometimes the cracks show.

Bit of a CD spend-up – budget ABC “The Lexicon of Love” – Brian Eno “Another Day On Earth” – Roisin Murphy “Ruby Blue” – Tanita Tikaram “Sentimental“. All great.

Skule yesterday – delightful, children doing a little “fact file” about themselves on a word processor. One child (a friend of Pip actually) astonished me by adding the following as her “more information about me” bit –

– I’ve got my own graveyard in my bedroom

I advised that maybe something – uh – jollier may be more suitable, but she was insistant that it stand. I gently asked “Is it for toys?” – “No” she said in a Wednesday Addams style. I pursued no further.

Pip and her class are moving up to Juniors wholesale, which is mostly good (non-disruptive) news.


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