Let’s Hear You Make Some ******* Noise!

Still waiting on news of NYC tickets from our friend, it’s getting a little late…

Nice little week/end; I took some money. Very very proud on Saturday as Pip steamed through her 200m swimming badge. Afterwards, she said she felt very sick at one point. What a star! When she finished, there was a genuine spontaneous round of applause from the other kids and parents, as she’d gone the furthest by a long chalk (others in her group only managed 100m).

Managed to avoid Live8 for the most part, but saw a couple of snatches in the afternoon. Some of these young whippersnapper groups are so foul-mouthed! It’s an afternoon, family show, designed to impress how responsible we are – loads of kids in the audience and watching at home. What shall we say then? Shall we be articulate? No! Let’s just shout “Come on let’s hear you make some f*ck*ng noise!”. Very impressive, lads.

Made a point of switching over for the Floyd. They are quite good aren’t they? There was even a backdrop of Syd.

Sunday – finishing the TV room decorating (well, almost) and gentling with the girls, including a half-energetic ball game in the garden.

And last night, “Van Helsing” – what a very entertaining load of tosh! Bl**dy brilliant werewolves! Smashing!

Reading / still with Dodie for I Capture… still with Charlie for Sketches by Boz… now with Robert Harris in Pompeii…


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