Holiday exitement | Skule | Profiling Models

Busy weekend, teaching Sunday (successful). We’re getting zooed out with NYC information – P is absolutely in a frenzy pitch of anticipation already (me too really). Very exciting, planning city trips.

P got her year-end report, and SATS results – they are more than satisfactory, she’s a good girl… the end of year 2 now looms… last Friday we attended the new (Junior) school, and P was introduced, along with the rest of her class, to her new teacher and classroom. We got a speech from the (very laconic) head teacher – he was a little bit “seen it all before” and dour, but I’ve no doubt he’s a good head. Pip was happy with the set-up.

Myself, and many other parents present, were very sad / maudlin about the change – suddenly, “they are big kids now” as the head put it : Surely not my child, she’s too young…

On another topic – you know when you see an advert typically for furniture, and there’s a book-case in the background (or video collection or dvd collection) – am I the only one who spends ages looking minutely to see if I can identify any of them, or failing that read the titles, thus building an imaginary profile of the actor/model who lives in the stage-set house? Oh, I am.


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