London | Scarlet’s Well | Hangover in Bloomsbury

Frantic preparations for New York were put on hold as L and I dumped Pip on Mumsie and took the train to London for Saturday night. Adventurous, eh? We arrived early evening to find that the hotel we’d found cheap on the interweb was really quite swanky, but also that they had oversold and offered us an upgrade to one of their really expensive rooms – which had a wonderful view north to Highgate / Hampstead Heath. After settling in and showering, we went out for a walk and a meal, found a super pub and then repaired to The Water Rats to await Scarlet’s Well and The Would Be Goods.
Throughout our visit (sweaty tubes, crowds, expense, terrorist threats, etc notwithstanding), we were reminiscing over our years in London, and missing it in so many ways.

At the venue we managed to meet up with two other regular contributors to the Scarlet’s Well Forum, which proved to be an extremely pleasant addition to the evening – it’s nice to put faces to interweb correspondents, and also nice to know that you’re actually corresponding with really pleasant like minded people. Rather than raving loonies, I mean.

The Would Be Goods were a very pleasant surprise to me – I knew little about them bar reputation – but they were very good. Unfortunately, due to chattage we missed the start of their brief set.

Scarlet’s Well – all excellent as usual, with a couple of great new songs. Glad the on/off bass scenario was solved, as the rhythm end of things seemed to have a new power which first showed at Brighton last time (unfortunately the spectacular arrangement of Johnny Freak was absent). The evening was a bit spoiled at the end by the agressive “closure at 11” policy of the venue – cutting short the band. The pub stopped serving at 11 also, and the venue clearance was ill-mannered at best (I can’t recall ever being told en bloc to “Get out! Now!” of a pub). Perhaps this is what we’ve forgotten about London – rudeness. Being ejected meant that one of our chums – who had come from Sweden for the gig – was unable to chat to Bid/the band, though we did manage a brief hello before they went on. Anyway, they were very good, and pictures are available here: no longer, I fear.

We went back to our hotel with our forum chums for drinks, which I am ashamed to say continued long they left for their various hotels, resulting in a nasty hangover on Sunday. A coffee and croissant and a lovely walk through to the British Museum past the bombing cordons soon sobered me up, and once again walking through those beautiful streets we basked in a glow of nostalgia. Briefly to the BritMus, then public transported home.


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