A week is hardly long enough to glimpse the tip of a Gotham iceberg, but we were impressed by NYC.

Especially Ellis Island Museum, The Met (the astonishing Egyptian collection), The Art-Deco everywhere, the easy availability of decent food and coffee, the Guggenheim Museum Building (just exactly what was wrong with modernism again?), Central Park, the view from the Empire State, yes we were tourists.

One highlight was meeting some of my relatives I hadn’t seen for 30 years – and then some I didn’t know I had, for example a cousin’s daughter who was named after my sister, and another cousin who worked in New York and had a fab apartment in Jersey City looking directly from the 30th floor straight at Manhattan (swanky) – and then being driven out to New Hope and Washington Crossing for a visiting day, followed by the train journey back into New York.

Pip was bowled over; the only bummer of the whole week was that the Plaza has been sold to make into apartments, thus rendering a visit to the Elouise portrait impossible, which P had been really looking forward to.

Now I have to face the music – and the credit card bills. Teabreak’s over, back on your heads. Oh well, we’ve got another holiday in two weeks time.

Pip is currently at drama school (Mike Carter’s Earwig at the Gardner Centre) – very grown up.


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