Uncontrollable Mirth

After adjusting back to non-holiday mode, and with Pip at Drama School for a week, Lovely and I attended the Gardner Centre on Friday to watch the presentations that each group of kids had prepared in workshops throughout the week – mime, improvisation, spoken word, make up, masks, props – and puppets.

The puppets proved our downfall. The first presentation involving the puppets was about five sketches in. It involved “The Pink Panther Theme” being played while several groups of children marched their little string puppets around – brightly coloured goose/emu “Pelham Puppets” stylee fellows, brightly coloured. This performance was (like all the others we saw) excellent, lighting great, the kids wonderful – unfortunately, something about this particular playlet cracked up both me and Liz so badly that we got the full-on nose-snorting, uncontrollable giggles, so badly that people sitting next to us were noticing – a lot. Just when we got it under control, one or other of us would start again – we were praying for the bl**dy puppets to STOP. Once the next act was on, we composed ourselves, wiped our eyes and felt our blood pressure drop. The problem was, around four or five items further on – out came the puppets again. OMFG, I nearly peed myself, L started up again, I ended up having to shield my eyes so that I couldn’t spot her rolling up – and literally looking at the floor to ensure no puppets were glimpsed. The finale of this particular segment involved two kids running onstage as giant versions of the puppets, I barely survived.

Ah, the simple power of laughter…

The show was really excellent in spite of the puppet hilarity, Pip’s keen to attend next year.


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