British Wildlife | Car

Smashing weekend: Saturday arranged Lovely’s new car – same as the old one, but new, on a new lease. In blue. So that’s sorted.

Home life jogs along. Reading still on Charley D’s “Sketches By Boz” – still instructive – just done with “Last Exit Magic Kingdom” by Rory MacLean (destructive post-modern sarcastic travel book about Florida) – “Five Points” by Tyler Anbinder – interesting history of slum tenements in New York (picked up while we were there) – and an oral history of the Home Front in Britain during WWI. Next up, it must be a novel

Patti Smith tomorrow night… and in anticipation, (due to juggled childcare) Pip is just about to return from Rustington with Mumsie…

Sunday we went to the British Wildlife Centre – an organisation I’d never heard of until P picked up a flier from the library on Saturday morning. She was attracted by the very cute red squirrel on the front. The place was delightful – very small scale and caring, with endangered British animals including foxes, wild cats, red squirrels, polecats, stoats, weasels, field mice, deer, owls, etc etc. All very attractively and humanely on show in nice grounds. Compact “keeper talks” on Fox, Red Sq, Wild Cats and Otters. Lovely! Home and watched “Constantine” in the evening. Which I thought very good, L less convinced but enjoyed. Also we saw “Identity” the other evening, which was great.

Some enquiries this morning, so ‘ope springs eternal…


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